Kung Fu Master (film)

The time with Julien ( Kung -fu master! ) Is a French film drama directed by Agnès Varda from the year 1987.


The 40 - year-old Mary -Jane ( Jane Birkin ) was observed at a party her 15 - year-old daughter Lucy ( Charlotte Gainsbourg ), a boy her age, Julien ( Mathieu Demy ). Julien is a bit small for his age, attempts to compensate for this deficiency by Vorwitzigkeit and coolness. Mary- Jane is fascinated by him. This condition exacerbated at a further meeting. During Julien Mary- Jane always receptive, Mary- Jane is torn between amorous feelings and maternal sense of duty. Ultimately, Julien spends the holiday with Mary- Jane, Lucy and her sister Lou ( Lou Doillon ) with the grandparents. Here Lucy learns also of the shy relationship of unequal pair. Julien and Mary Jane spend a few happy days on a deserted island; However, when they return to Paris, the public reacts shocked and everything shatters.


The story originally comes from Jane Birkin's spring. The intimacy and closeness could develop only through the friendship and kinship of all stakeholders. The young lovers ( Mathieu Demy ) is the son of the director; two daughters, Lucy and Lou Mary- Jane are also in fact the daughters of Jane Birkin ( Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon ). Even Jane Birkin's parents (David Birkin and Judy Campbell) and her brother Andrew Birkin play in this film and be integrated into the story.

In the film, even the arcade game Kung Fu Master plays a central role.


" Stylistically closed, humorous and sensitive description of an impossible love that handles the provocative topic with respect for the people and the view of the main character without making moral judgments takes over. A masterfully staged and played reflection on the contrast between two generations and the love of youth in the computer age. "