KUNST HAUS WIEN is designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser Museum, located in the Lower Weißgerberstraße 13 in the 3rd district of Vienna highway.

In KUNST HAUS WIEN the world's only permanent exhibition of the works of Friedensreich Hundertwasser is to see beyond temporary exhibitions are regularly shown by works of other artists. The exhibition area is about 1600 square meters.

The Museum

To realize the idea of a museum of art Hundertwasser dedicated to, but is also suitable for temporary exhibitions, the building of the former Thonet furniture factory was rebuilt from 1892. This redesign was planned according to the ideas and the concept of Hundertwasser by architect Peter Pelikan and performed in the years 1989 to 1991, client was the bank for work and business. The opening took place on 9 April 1991.

The building is designed by Hundertwasser in typical style, so rarely straight lines are found. The floor is uneven, colorful ceramics and mosaics determine the surfaces and green plants are included in the room design. In the foyer there is a fountain, which was designed by Hans Muhr. On the ground floor is also a museum shop and a restaurant are housed, which resembles a winter garden with its rich plant design. About an uneven spiral staircase leads to the upper floors, two of which are dedicated to the work of Hundertwasser. Eight of our rooms are sufficiently flooded with natural light, Hundertwasser had to grow a stem with glass front. In the third and fourth floor of the building changing exhibitions of international artists.

Set within 400 meters from the Kunsthaus Wien, in the bowling alley 34-38, is the 1985 finished Hundertwasser house, designed also by the ideas Hundertwasser Residential Building of the City of Vienna.

Structural Engineering

The building was traditionally built, only non-structural facade elements and related components were (not everywhere ) covered with glazed mosaic tiles. Unlike Antonio Gaudí Hundertwasser used here symmetrical mosaic tiles that were not randomly arranged. Likewise, the size of the stones not randomized, which until then was with mosaics on buildings only common in industrial production. The inclusion of almost all facade elements in the overall picture and the very deliberate concealment of the projectile limits the special building was built. For uneven floor of the house Hundertwasser said:

More views of the Kunsthaus Wien

The cultivation effect rising and wrong by skillful arrangement window

Again and again, other arrangements of different sized mosaics loosen the facade on

Window and facade design repeated on the garden facade, architecture rather uncommon