Kurt Kusenberg

Kurt Kusenberg ( pseudonyms: Hans Ohl and simplex ) (* June 24, 1904 in Gothenburg, † October 3, 1983 in Hamburg ) was a German writer and art critic.


Kusenberg was born the son of the German engineer Carl Kusenberg and his wife Emmy in 1904 in Gothenburg. He spent his childhood in Lisbon and attended from 1911, the local German public school. At the outbreak of the First World War, the family returned to Germany and settled in Wiesbaden, where Kurt visited the Municipal Secondary School.

From 1922, he studied in Munich art history. In 1925 he moved to Berlin in the winter semester 1926 Freiburg im Breisgau. There he received his doctorate in December 1928 with a thesis on Rosso Fiorentino. During his studies, he traveled through Italy, Spain and France. In 1929, he worked for a time in the Berlin art market. Furthermore, he later remarked ironically that he was " was not usable in the art market " well.

In 1930 he wrote a critic for the world of art and the Vossische newspaper. After that, he was editor in chief of The Coral. From 1947 lived Kusenberg as a freelance writer and lecturer in Munich and Hamburg. In 1958 he gave the series rowohlts monographs, later rororo image monographs, Rowohlt out.

To date, notable are his short stories. With more sober language they often result in grotesque, spun worlds in which fantasy and reality mingle.



Audiobooks (selection)

  • 2004: Wine for Life, read by Hannes Wader, plans -Verlag, Dortmund
  • 2005: The Glass City, Duo Piano Forte, Querstand, publishing Kamprad

Feuilleton (selection)

Writings on art (selection)

Radio stories, radio plays and other

  • The dream of the Sultan, unpublished. Radio play: BR / SWF 1963, 60 min - original radio play, directed by. Hans Dieter Schwarze. With: Hans Carl Friedrich as Sultan