Kurt Leucht

Kurt Lamp ( born March 13, 1903 in Nuremberg, † November 2, 1974 ) was a German wrestler in the Greco- Roman style.


Kurt light was life member of the SC 1904 " Maxvorstadt " Nuremberg. The short, stocky and cats facing Ringer quickly grew into the German and international top class and qualified by defeating the Vice European Champion Paul Reiber, Musberg, for the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.

After he could not prevail in the Olympic elimination in 1932 against the new star on Ringer sky Jacob Brendel, Nuremberg, who later also Olympic champion, and, urged new strong wrestlers like Justin Gehring, Fries Home on the mat after the forced union with the AABD, he finished his international career wrestler, the wrestler sports but remained faithful as judges.

In his hometown of Nuremberg, the Kurt- light - path, a road in the district dozen pond at the Arena Nuremberg and Franconia stadium was named after him.

International success

National success