Kuskokwim Mountains


The Kuskokwim Mountains are a mountain range named after the Kuskokwim River in southwest Alaska, west of the Alaska Range. They extend from the Canyon Creek and Chikuminuk Lake in the southwest over a length of about 400 km to the Tanana River in the northeast and reach a width of up to 80 km.

The southeastern flank of the Kuskokwim Mountains bordering the rivers Kantishna, Kuskokwim, and Holitna Kogrukluk. In the northwest, the Kaiyuh, Russian and Kilbuck Mountains and rivers Innoko, Dishna and Iditarod.

Were first mentioned in the Kuskokwim Mountains in 1898 by Josiah Edward Spurr from the United States Geological Survey, who gave the foothills in the northeast of the name ' Tanana Hills ".