Kuupik Kleist

Jakob Edvard Kuupik Kleist ( born March 31, 1958 in Qullissat, Greenland ) is a Greenlandic politician of the left-wing socialist Inuit Ataqatigiit (IA) and was dated June 12, 2009 to April 5, 2013 Prime Minister ( grönl. Naalakkersuisut siulittaasuat ).

Kleist was born in Qullissat the son of the telegraph master Nikolaj Kleist. There he attended the elementary school 1966-1972, 1972-1975 the school in Sisimiut and a high school in the 1975-1978 Danish Birkerød. In 1983 he graduated as Sozionom at the University of Roskilde. He lives with his partner Aviâja Vandersee and five children in Nuuk.

In 1985, he was deputy chief of the Directorate for Education of the Greenland Self-Government, 1988-1999 Director of the Greenland School of Journalism, 1991-1995 Greenlandic Minister of Transport, 1995-1996 Member of the Greenland land Stings, 1996-1999 Head of the Foreign Offices of self-government, 2000-2001 Secretary of the Commission and self-government since 2004 whose member.

2001-2007 Kleist was one of two Greenlandic members of the Danish Folketing and one of three members of the North Atlantic Group in the Folketing. Since 2007 he is Chairman of the IA, the most powerful force was at the county council elections on June 2, 2009. Kleist became Prime Minister. In the elections on March 12, 2013, the IA only reached the second place and went into opposition. Kleist had to relinquish his post as Prime Minister to Aleqa Hammond of the victorious party Siumut.

Kleist is the owner and director of the consulting firm NIKISI Aps. He also was a board member of the 1995-1997 Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC ) and Nunatta Naqiterivia ( South Greenland Buchdruckerei ), 1999-2002 Chief of Tele Greenland and the record label ULO.

Kuupik Kleist is also known as a musician and is referred to as " Greenland response to Leonard Cohen ".