KV32 Tomb of Tiaa

The ancient Egyptian, located in the Valley of the Kings, Tomb KV32 was discovered in 1898 by Victor Loret. At the time of discovery of the grave owner was unknown. Today, it can be assigned Tiaa, the wife of Amenhotep II and mother of Thutmose IV

Exploration of the tomb

Arthur Weigall suspected that it might be around the grave of a family member of Thutmose III. can act. As another possibility, he saw it as the burial place of a vizier, such as Rekhmire whose grave chapel ( TT100 ) known, but the grave itself was unknown.

To the grave it was after the discovery by Loret no publication. Only in the Baedeker of 1902 there by Georg Steinsdorff a small description of it. According to him, KV32 was a grave king of the 18th Dynasty, which was still unexplored. As with KV33 it seemed to have been no formal excavation and finds from the grave was also not known.

KV32 was from 2000 to 2001 as part of the MISR Project: Mission Siptah - Ramses X, which was conducted by the University of Basel excavated. When working in the grave was found a canopic chest of Queen Tiaa, whereby the grave owner could be identified.

Architecture and Facilities

The grave was never completed and is undecorated. The basic structure of the tomb is similar to that of KV21. When you create the tomb of King Siptah ( KV47 ) met its workers unintentionally KV32.