KV44 Tomb of Unknown

KV44 ( Valley of the Kings, grave No. 44) is a small shaft grave in the Valley of the Kings. The grave owner is unknown.

Construction details

The grave consists of only a single small chamber, which can be reached via a chute. The undecorated chamber measures about 5 x 6 m. The grave probably originated in the 18th dynasty and was created for a senior official. This burial was robbed in antiquity, however.


Grave KV44 was posted on January 26, 1901 found by Howard Carter, who dug for Theodore M. Davis. However, the chamber contained in locating three coffins dating to the 22nd Dynasty and appear to have been introduced here after the first robbery. The coffin of Tentkerer contained a well-preserved and colorfully painted cardboard. The other coffins belonged to the Heiufaa and a singer of Amun.

KV44 was exposed again in the years 1990 and 1991 by Donald P. Ryan for the Pacific Lutheran University.