KV8 Tomb of Merenptah

The tomb is the tomb of the ancient Egyptian KV8 Pharaoh Merenptah of the 19th Dynasty. The tomb is about 160 m deep and contains elements that did not occur in earlier tombs, such as the relief of the sun god Re at the entrance. At the end of the aisle is the grave chamber.


The tomb contains numerous wall paintings, like the scene images of the Litany of Ra, the Book of Gates, the Imydwat and is the first example under Merenptah Book of caves. In addition, there were also pictures of the mouth ceremony.

Despite the numerous floods in the valley of the kings count the decorations received the best in the tombs. Many decorations (except the ceiling and the upper parts of the walls ) are lost through the water went into the front areas of the grave. Since there were no closed doors, the archaeologists are sure that must have given already before someone access to the grave system.