Kwabena Darko

Kwabena Darko ( born October 23, 1942 Bekwai, Ghana ) is a politician, pastor, and multi-millionaire industrialist in Ghana.


Darko came from poorer and lost his biological father early. Therefore, he completed a large part of his education in part-time in order to make a contribution to the family income can. His stepfather, who was poultry farmer, sent him to the Ruppin Institute in Israel to study agriculture. Darko specialized already here on poultry farming.


Darko began his career as an employee of the state farms in Ghana ( Ghana State Farms Corporation). Just six months later he resigned to become manager of the central egg farm of the family business Darko Farms in Kumasi 1960-1969. Subsequently, he became chairman and managing director, founded by him Darko Farms & Co. Ltd.. This post holds Darko today as the majority shareholder of the company. The family produces 50 percent of all poultry products in Ghana and is thus not only the market leader in Ghana, but in all of West Africa. Because of these economic successes Darko is also called " Poultry King " (Eng. poultry king).

Between 1979 and 1983, Darko has held the post of president of the Animal Science Association and was 1979-1984 also Deputy President of the National Council for poultry in Ghana.

Various posts and positions in Christian organizations, associations and the like Darko had held since his earliest youth also.

Furthermore Darko occupied among others the following positions:

  • Board member, Empretec Ghana Foundation 1995-2002
  • Board Member, Opportunity International Network - 1997
  • Board Member, Oasis International Training Center - since 2000
  • Board Member, The Bank of Ghana - since 2001


In the presidential elections in 1992, Rev. Dr. Kwabena Darko of the National Independence Party (NIP ) ran as presidential candidate and subject to later president and former military dictator Jerry Rawlings. In the same year the NIP boycotted and other parties in the elections to the Ghanaian Parliament.


At the age of sixteen Darko became a devout Christian with evangelical faith. A young preacher, Morris Cerrulo, came to the home of Darko and took him quickly to a preacher. Even today Darko turns on a portion of its profits from the family business to support his church. Again, Darko has risen to important posts within the church hierarchy. It was in 2000, " Minister of the Gospel ."


Darko is married to Christina, with whom he had six children together. Their children's names Sam, Veron, Jonathan, Maxine, Mercy and Bernice in the order of their birth. Christina and Kwabena Darko have five grandchildren.

Darko's parents came from no rich family, his father died early. Darko therefore needed in addition to his duties contribute very early as a student to the family income. Darko's mother 's second marriage was a poultry farmer with a small poultry farm.


  • Order of Merit of the Grand Medal, "Order of the Volta"
  • National award, the Merit for Agriculture - 1978
  • Award of the Ghana Animal Science Association for outstanding service within the Association - 1982
  • Award as the best farmer of the Royal Agricultural Show, London - 1984
  • Honorary Member of the Academy of Sciences, Ghana - 1985
  • Best national poultry farmer - 1986
  • Honorary award for outstanding services to the Ghana Feed Millers Association - 1992
  • Ghana Business Hall of Fame - 1992
  • Appointed "Minister Of The Gospel " - 2000
  • Honorary Doctorate of Science of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology ( KNUST ) - 2002
  • Honorary doctorate from the " divinity " of the Global Missions and Bible College London - 2002