The KXJB - TV mast is a transmission tower for a television station in North Dakota and with a height of 627.89 meters ( 2060 feet) it is currently the fourth tallest building in the world, by just one meter (three feet ) lower than the number of kilometers remote KVLY mast. Six kilometers northeast of Galesburg, North Dakota, at 47 ° 16 ' 45 "N, 97 ° 20' 27" W47.279166666667 - 97.340833333333 located, it was completed in 1966 to the former radio mast of the station, a 330.7 -meter-high tower, 24 kilometers northeast of Valley City, North Dakota to replace, which was sold to the FM transmitter KOVC.

The tower has collapsed twice and was rebuilt each time. The fifth-highest building in the world is the KXTV / KFOR transmission tower near Sacramento, California.

First collapse

The first collapse happened on February 14, 1968 at 21:08 clock, as the rotor of a Navy helicopter, some guy wires cut ( in this accident was the four -man crew of the helicopter killed ). The television was on for eight days out of service, before he went back from his previous location, the KOVC - mast in operation. A replacement mast of the same height was built in four and a half months.

Second collapse

When an ice storm on April 6, 1997 Wind gusts of up to 110 kilometers per hour, which led to Eisansätzen of about 10 centimeters thick, the mast crashed 18:09 clock again. The cable television program was recorded at 20:34 clock again, and the transmission mode of the TV station was the next day by 15 clock by short-term rental of a spare transmitter on other masts also be resumed.

In the immediate vicinity of the collapsed mast a 224 meter high auxiliary mast was erected, which again allowed the transmission mode from 10 July 1997. He wears some directional antennas today.

On 1 April 1998 the reconstruction of the collapsed mast began in the same amount, but in a more stable version. On July 30, 1998, this tower was completed. For the inauguration of some members of the construction crew set a 1.22 -meter-high flagpole on the top, which is higher than the KVLY mast and the mast by 30 inches - up to remove it - made ​​it the tallest building in the world. The transmission on Channel 4 was apportioned on August 15, 1998 to the new mast.

The antenna transmits 97.7 kW for the CBS spin-off KXJB - TV of Valley City. The station and the mast include Catamount Broadcasting of Fargo.