Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit

Address: Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit 1 Allendale Road Kyalami Midrand

- 25.99877928.069907Koordinaten: 25 ° 59 ' 56 "S, 28 ° 4' 12" E

The Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit is a motorsport race track in the South African province of Gauteng and lies between the provincial capital of Johannesburg and the capital Pretoria. The word Kyalami means in IsiZulu, one of South Africa's eleven official languages ​​, " My Home ".

From 1967 to 1993, the course as part of the Formula 1 world championship was a regular venue for the Grand Prix of South Africa. Between 1983 and 1992, four times the Grand Prix of South Africa was also held for motorcycles in the Motorcycle World Championship here.

Nowadays take place on the course hardly race because it is in a residential area and has been occupied with stringent noise abatement. Instead, he was partially converted to Kyalami Office Park, in which small and medium-sized companies have settled.

2009 guested first time since 2002, the World Superbike Championship at Kyalami. After another event in 2010, the original run until 2015 Treaty between the Government of the Province of Gauteng and the Superbike World Championship marketer was dissolved.


Lap records

Formula 1

Range 1968-1985
  • Qualification: 1:02,366 min ( Nigel Mansell, Williams - Honda, 1985)
  • Race: 1:08,149 min ( Keke Rosberg, Williams - Honda, 1985)
Range from 1990
  • Qualification: 1:15,486 min ( Nigel Mansell, Williams -Renault, 1992)
  • Race: 1:17,578 min ( Nigel Mansell, Williams -Renault, 1992)

All winners of the Formula 1 race in Kyalami

Record winner Driver: N. Lauda (3) record winner designers: Ferrari ( 4)