Kyela District

- 9.62533.875Koordinaten: 9 ° 38 ' S, 33 ° 53 ' E

Kyela is a 502 m high small town with 28 926 inhabitants ( Zenus 2002) and a district with 174,470 inhabitants ( Zenus 2002) in the south of Tanzania at the north end of Lake Malawi on the river Kiwira.

The Kyela Valley is enclosed by the Livingstone Mountains, the Poroto mountains, the highlands around the Misuku Mountains and Lake Malawi. It is very fertile in its lower parts and is completely flat with 2900 mm rainfall in the wettest area of Tanzania. It is much cultivated rice, supposedly the best in Tanzania. The houses are mostly built of bamboo and clay. The small farmers sell the crops most immediately, so if the prices are low and spend lots of money on the Thanksgiving festivities. Stockpiling is virtually unknown. It is grown vegetables. In rivers, in the crater lakes and in Lake Malawi considerable quantities of fish are caught. Go to Mount Rungwe back is widely cultivated tea, and some coffee. The potential for the cultivation of cotton, tobacco, maize, cassava is considered to be exhausted, as beekeeping, cattle breeding and dairy farming.

Kyela has a 1,000 m long runway. The port on Lake Malawi is Itungi. Primary and secondary schools, a vocational training center, a hospital are very supportive of the Moravian Church. There are minibus connections to Mbeya. About the Songwe near a bridge leads to Malawi ( Kasumulu border).

The dominant tribe are the Nyakyusa.