Kyoto Prize

The Kyoto Prize (Japanese京都 赏, Kyōto- shō ) is a prize awarded annually for outstanding achievements in science and art. The highly doped prize is awarded since 1985. In addition to the Nobel Prize is one of the highest awards for achievements in science and culture.

There are three price categories: where the center of gravity in the appropriate category among the different disciplines rotates. Especially in the disciplines in which no Nobel prize is awarded the Kyoto Prize is the most prestigious award.

The nomination will be held in June, the festive award ceremony in November. The ceremony takes among other things, the Tennō part with his family.

The prize money of 50 million yen (about 364,000 euros ) per category. The award here from the entire life's work of the laureate. It is sponsored by the company and its founder Kazuo Inamori Kyocera. The company Kyocera has its headquarters in the Japanese city of Kyoto; hence its name the price. Here the price is annually awarded on the 10th of November.

Award winners


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