Kyrgyzstan national rugby union team

The Kyrgyz rugby union team represent Kyrgyzstan in the sport of Rugby Union. It belongs to the third class strength ( third tier ). First time in 2008 joined a Kyrgyz national rugby team in an international game. Previously, the team played as part of the Soviet Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States. So far, the Kyrgyz have not yet qualify for a world championship itself.


1936 Rugby Union Association of the Soviet Union was founded. Until 1991, the kigisische team was part of this association. 5 October 2008 played the Kyrgyz national the first official match in its history against Iran, which was lost with 15:30. Five days later, the team managed a draw against Uzbekistan with 15:15. The highest defeat the young history of the Association, there were also against Uzbekistan. In June 2009, Kyrgyzstan lost with 12:31.


Results at World Championships

  • World Cup 1987: did not participate
  • World Cup 1991: did not participate
  • World Cup 1995: did not participate
  • World Cup 1999: did not participate
  • World Cup 2003: did not participate
  • World Cup 2007: did not participate