L'Auberge Espagnole

L' auberge espagnole ( Alternative title: L' auberge espagnole - Barcelona for a year, Spanish Title: Una casa de locos, in German also: Barcelona for a year ) is a Spanish-French comedy film directed by Cédric Klapisch from the year 2002.


The French economics student Xavier spends funded by the EU Erasmus program two semesters abroad in the Spanish city of Barcelona, since he must be familiar for its related view job in a ministry with the Spanish economy. There he meets other Erasmus students from other European countries.

His long- time girlfriend Martine understands this decision is not - it keeps Xavier for selfish and feels neglected. When he finally arrives in Barcelona after a tearful adoption of her, he learns at the airport a young French couple to know: Anne -Sophie, and her husband, a neurologist. In these he lives a few days until he has a living opportunity found. Xavier moves into a flat with other students from all over Europe: from Catalonia Soledad and her boyfriend to Lars, the Italian Alessandro, Wendy from England, Tobias from Germany and the Franco- Belgian Isabelle. Especially to Isabelle finds Xavier favor. It is, however, a relationship with a woman and the two begin a platonic friendship.

The WG members lead largely harmonious cooperation - apart from disputes arising from differences of opinion as to the order, resulted. As Xavier's girlfriend Martine visited him in Barcelona, both have already alienated. A short time later they break up. Xavier begins an affair with the shy Anne -Sophie, during the life of the flat-dwellers is characterized by starting and ending relationships. As Wendy's brother is coming to visit from England and has lived some time in the WG, the harmony is disturbed. While the other WG members considerate of each other, he offended with his way of several roommates.

After Anne -Sophie has her husband confessed to the affair, Xavier breaks off the relationship to both. He is going through a depressive phase, which causes him occasionally Erasmus of Rotterdam appears. Towards the end of the film appeared on Wendy's friend Alistair surprising. The flat-dwellers, now grown into a close-knit community, prevent these discovered her American lover. When the year is over, it is difficult for Xavier to take from his friends farewell. The year in Barcelona was for Xavier one of the best and most turbulent of his life: he has come to know the world and found good friends. He throws a farewell party and then fly back to Paris sad. On his first day he flees from the ministerial bureaucracy and decides to dedicate his life 's career, but his childhood dream of writing.


The story depicts the life of Erasmus students studying abroad and enjoys a cult status among former Erasmus drivers.

L' auberge espagnole literally means " Spanish inn" in French and is in use for a hostel where no food is served and where you have to live by what you have brought.


" Lively comedy about young adults with lovingly drawn characters and a sense of depth, the cheerful entertains with some surprising solutions to problems ," was the lexicon of international film. Stated Matthias Heine of the Berliner Morgenpost that the optimistic held film " his message, the chaos of integrating Europe corresponds to the chaos of youthful search for meaning, sometimes significantly," lecture. But this was in relation to the subject "reasonable" and will assist " as the narrative drive of a young man who still holds everything that happens to him for a very unique and absolutely notification worthy experience."

Carmen Boker of the Berlin newspaper called L'auberge espagnole as a " two -hour battery life quite lengthy [ s] " and counted it among the " drive -and alcohol -driven revival comedies ". The film, however, WOULD "in his innocence ( and despite some fashionable time-lapse sequences) emerged as a few decades before the boorish American Pie series: All excesses - you have to try the old-fashioned attribute here - seem to downright rascals way. "


At the ceremony of the César 2003, the film was nominated in six categories. Cécile de France won the French Film Award for Best Young Actress. In the categories of Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Supporting Actress ( Judith Godrèche ) L'auberge espagnole subject to the competition.


In 2005, L'auberge espagnole sequel followed - See you in St. Petersburg with the same main characters as in the first film. 2013 came under the title Respectively New York another sequel in the French cinema. The planned launch date in German theaters is May 1, 2014.

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