L. B. Abbott

LB Abbott (full name Lenwood Ballard Abbott, born June 13, 1908 in Pasadena, California, USA, † September 28, 1985 in Los Angeles, California, USA) was an American cinematographer and special effects designer.


After his high school graduation LB Abbott was already 18 years working in the film industry. The Fox Film Corporation, the predecessor of 20th Century Fox, he started as a cameraman to work and came quickly with the effect of designers of the company in contact. In 1943 he was at 20th Century Fox then cinematographer, working under Fred Sersen for the camera department of the Special Effects group. In 1953 he took over the management of the special effects department for television productions.

Until his retirement from the movie business in 1970, he remained at Fox. But even after his retirement, he was repeatedly for film projects, especially for big films, recalled. For the last time he was involved in 1982 in a film. By early 1985 his book Special Effects was - Wire, Tape and Rubber Band Style published.

On September 28, 1985, died L. B. Abbott. He left behind his wife, Muriel, whom he married in 1934 and with whom he had two children.


LB Abbott was nominated for his work several times for film awards and excellent.

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