L. Neil Smith

Lester Neil Smith [ lɛstəɹ ni ː l smɪθ ] ( born May 15, 1946 in Denver, Colorado) is an American science fiction author, libertarian political activist and critic of globalization.


Lester Neil Smith deals with the alternative course of history and is the inventor of a parallel world, the so-called Gallatin universe in which the U.S. history by accident took a different course in the 18th century. In the Gallatin Universe George Washington was summarily executed during the Whiskey Rebellion, whereupon Albert Gallatin was elected president. So the United States of America were not arise and in its place a loose association States with an anarchist form of government.

For three of his novels, he received the Prometheus Award from the Libertarian Futurist Society, which he had founded in 1979, even in life, for the best novel of the year. These were:


  • From the Gallatin Universe: The Probability Broach, 1980 ( Eng.: The breakthrough, translated by Irene Holicki, Heyne Verlag ( Paperback: 4250 ), ISBN 3-453-31231-7 )
  • The Venus belt, (English: The Venus Belt, Heyne Verlag ( Paperback 4251 ) ISBN 3-453-31232-5 )
  • Their majesties ' bucketeers, (German: Their Majesties Kübeliere, Heyne Verlag ( Paperback: 4252 ) ISBN 3-453-31234-1 )
  • The Nagasaki Vector, (English: The Nagasaki Vector, Heyne Verlag ( Paperback: 4253 ) ISBN 3-453-31235- X)
  • Tom Paine Maru, (German: Tom Paine Maru, Heyne Verlag ( Paperback 4281 ) ISBN 3-453-31291-0
  • The Gallatin divergence, (Eng. The Gallatin deviation Heyne Verlag ( Paperback 4282 ) ISBN 3-453-31292-9 )
  • The American zone, not far in German.
  • From the Star Wars universe Lando Calrissian - Rebel of the Solar System (1994 ) (3 novels ) The spirit Harp of Sharu
  • The flame from wind Oseon
  • The Star Cave Thon Boka