L.A. (Amy Macdonald song)

October 15, 2007

LA is a rock song by Amy Macdonald and her producer Pete Wilkinson. It was first published by the British singer Amy Macdonald on their first studio album This Is the Life. The song was released as the third single from the album and was released on 15 October 2007 in the UK.

On the 2-track single the song Mr. Brightside ( originally by The Killers ) is included as a B-side additionally. In addition, the 3- track single contains the songs Mr Rock & Roll ( Live from King Tuts ) and Footballer 's Wife " ( Live from King Tuts ). The B-side on the 7 " vinyl record is the song Footballer 's Wife " (Live from King Tut's ).


The song expresses the thoughts and feelings of a lyrical first-person, probably a girl that revolve around a boy named J.. The girl knows the object of their imagination but only from movies, from "LA", and he also does not know what she does not stop, much to think of the boy. She refers to herself as a dreamer ("a dreamer child " ) and their dreams revolve around the unknown boy:

And so she imagines that their dreams become reality one morning. Amazingly, it then means that she is happy to be all by itself and that it does not need anyone:

" I always thought did I would follow you Every place and everything you do But I'm happy to be by myself I do not need no one else "

Music Video

In the video to Amy Macdonald travels with her band in an old van through a rural area, as she sings the song. On a fairground all get out and play LA. The video was shot in the area around Malaga.

Chart position

In the UK singles chart, the song reached number 48 in the first week, the second week it slipped to 85th place.