L1, L 1 or L-1 stands for:

  • The first outer conductor in electrical engineering
  • L1CAM, a gene or its gene product, see Neural cell adhesion molecule L1
  • An L1 language, see bilingualism
  • L1 Outerwear, an American clothing company
  • A Lagrange point
  • LetterOne, an investment company based in Luxembourg, behind which the Russian Alfa Group is
  • Limburg 1, a radio station from Limburg
  • Line L1, the Moscow Metro
  • Palatine L 1, narrow gauge locomotives Pfalzbahn
  • Stinson L-1, a light liaison and observation aircraft of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • The first vertebra of the lumbar spine
  • The L1 dermatome
  • The room in Mathematics
  • The 1 standard for distance measurements in mathematics
  • VW L1, a one-liter car from Volkswagen
  • Teaching at primary schools
  • Inductance 1, numbered component in a circuit diagram of electrical engineering.
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