L4Linux is a modified version of the Linux operating system. L4Linux runs in a virtualized L4 microkernel environment on equal footing with other μ - kernel applications. It is binary compatible to normal Linux/x86-Kern and can be used with any Linux distribution for the X86 architecture.

Developed L4Linux to run within the Dresden Real - Time Operating System Project ( DROPS ) real-time and time-sharing applications simultaneously on a computer.

With L4Linux can be also a virtualized environment, similar to Xen or OpenVZ with about producing. However, it must be noted that the project objectives and concepts of L4 and Xen differ partly serious.


The versioning is based on the Linux kernel.


In L4Android it is a spin-off of L4Linux which combines the kernel modifications of L4Linux and those of Google Android. It is a joint project of the Operating Systems Group from the Technical University of Dresden and the Chair for Security in Telecommunications at the Technical University of Berlin.