La Berra

The Berra (French: La Berra ), also in German-speaking Switzerland often referred to as La Berra, is a 1,719 m high mountain peaks in Switzerland, in the Fribourg Pre-Alps, about 15 km south of the city of Freiburg. About the Summit, the boundary of the municipality of La Roche and Val -de- Charmey runs. The mountain name is derived from vulgar Latin berria ( little or no cultivated land ) is derived.

The summit of Berra is a treeless, grassy knoll in a flat pyramid shape. From this summit through three mountain ridges of: a head east, a north to Cousimbert and on to Chrüzflue and a southwest to Vanil of the Cours. To the west, the Berra drops to Saanen valley, where the river is dammed here to Lac de la Gruyère. To the northeast of the summit starts with the Plasselbschlund the headwaters of the Ärgera, and to the south the broad basin of the achievements Javro in which the Carthusian monastery Valsainte is open.

In geological- tectonic terms, the field of Berra is one of the Préalpes romandes, a large-scale shear mass penninischer sediments deposited as cliff on Helvetic sediments. The Berra consists of flysch rocks of Gurnigeldecke, in the alternating sandstone and marl benches.

The amount of Berra and its northern and eastern flanks are occupied by vast pastures, while the western slope is densely forested. The most visible mountain serves as a first-order triangulation point for the National Survey of Switzerland. He is together with the adjacent ridge a popular summer hiking area and a beautiful view point. The view over the Swiss lakes country until the Jura chain. The focus of the Lac de Gruyère and the silhouette of Freiburg can be seen. On the western slope of the ridge, above La Roche is also a ski resort with ski lifts.