La Congolaise

La Congolese is the national anthem of the Republic of Congo. It was 1959, the official anthem, but in 1969 replaced the independence of the country by Les Trois Glorieuses. In 1991, they were one again. The text was written by Jacques Tondra and Georges Kibanghi and the music was composed by Jean Royer and Joseph Spadilière ..

French Text

En ce jour le soleil se lève Et notre Congo resplendit. Une longue nuit s'achève, Un grand bonheur a surgi. Chantons tous avec ivresse le chant de la liberté.

On that day the sun rises, And the Congo country shines. Long night, she comes to an end Great luck has begun. So let us then how in the intoxication All sings of freedom.

Forestry jusqu'à la savannah, In Savannes jusqu'à la mer, Un seul peuple, une seule âme, Un seul coeur, ardent et fier, Luttons tous, tant que nous sommes, Pour notre vieux pays noir.

From the forests to savannah, The Savannah to the sea, A single people, a unique spirit, A unique heart, hot and brave, We turn to us, just as we are, For our old black country.

Et s'il nous faut mourir, en somme Qu'importe puisque nos enfants, Partout, pourront dire comme On triomphe en combattant, Et dans le village moindre Chantent sous nos trois couleurs.

And when it comes time to die, What 's the point? If only our children Able to say that from the fight Victory is worn away, And even in the smallest village Among the three colors sing.