La Femme et le Pantin

  • Brigitte Bardot: Éva Marchand
  • Antonio Vilar: Don Matteo Diaz
  • Purple Kedrova: Manuela
  • Daniel Ivernel: Berthier
  • Dario Moreno: Arbadajian
  • Michel Roux: Albert
  • Jacques Mauclair: Stanislas Marchand
  • Jess Hahn: Sidney

A woman as Satan (or The Woman and the jumping jack ) is a French-Italian film directed by Julien Duvivier, who plays in Spain and on the novel " La femme et le pantin " (also the original title of the film ) is based on Pierre Louÿs. The book, published in 1898 was adapted in 1935 with Marlene Dietrich in the leading role ( " The Devil Is a Woman " ) for the movies. It is the story of a wealthy, aging man who falls in love with a much younger woman from a modest background, which makes him suffer for it. The role of the dancer Eva gave Brigitte Bardot every opportunity to meet all the expectations of the general public related to their former image.


During a traditional Spanish folk festival, which attracts many tourists every year, who is dating a bus driver noticed the Eva Marchand that her running after a stylishly dressed mature man. It is the married Don Matteo Diaz, who is known as Playboy. While he tries to impress her with his reputation and his wealth, she plays with his emotions. Again and again she hints at interest, and then only to humiliate him. Finally, it drives the game on the top.


The exterior shots were taken in the Camargue in France and Andalusia. Brigitte Bardot is dedicated to the shooting of this film in her autobiography a separate section.

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  • In criticizing this film adaptation of the novel " That Obscure Object of Desire " published version of Luis Buñuel was not as much attention as the 1977 under the title.


  • The lexicon of the International film was: " Duvivier unmasks the Bardot myth of the 50s of distancing irony, but confirms him by this banal story. ".