La Habanera (film)

  • Zarah Leander: Astrée Sternhjelm
  • Ferdinand Marian: Don Pedro de Avila
  • Charles Martel: Dr. Sven Nagel
  • Julia Serda: Ana Sternhjelm
  • Paul Bildt: Dr. Pardway
  • Edwin Jurgensen: Reeder Shuman
  • Boris Alekin: Dr. Luis Gomez
  • Carl Kuhlmann: Prefect
  • Michael Schulz- Dornburg ASTREES son Juan
  • Rosita Alcaraz: Spanish Dancer
  • Lisa Helwig: The old nurse
  • Géza von Földessy: chauffeur
  • Werner Finck: Mr. Soderblom

La Habanera is a German film directed by Detlef Sierck from the year 1937.

It tells the story of a young Swede who in the Caribbean falls in love with the wrong man, and only years later recognizes her mistake. The actress Zarah Leander was able to continue with this melodrama to the success of her first UFA movie to new shores. The name derives from the movie was the song La Habanera ( The wind told me about a song ).


The young Swedish citizen daughter Astrée Sternhjelm ( Zarah Leander ) travels with her aunt in Puerto Rico. She is fascinated by the Caribbean climate and the openness of the islanders. After the wealthy landowner Don Pedro de Avila - a former bullfighter - gets to know, she decides to stay against the advice of her aunt on the Caribbean island. Following the love marriage of their son Juan is born.

Ten years later, the marriage has broken down and Astrée suffers from homesickness. Don Pedro shows up as autocratic and domineering husband who keeps his wife jealous as a prisoner. The son he tries to educate according to his ideas. In this situation, visited Dr. Sven Nagel, a childhood friend ASTREES the island to combat the dangerous tropical fever. The local authorities and especially Don Pedro, however, deny the existence of the disease, even though hundreds of people every year to Puerto Rico to die in this.

At a party in the house of Don Pedro Astrée meets her childhood friend again who realizes how unhappy she is. For him, she sings the song La Habanera ( The wind told me about a song ). At this moment the present Don Pedro collapses because of all he had been infected with the tropical fever. Dr. Nagel tries to save him life, but this requires that he developed serum. This was Don Pedro, however, can destroy previously of his helpers. According to Don Pedro's death Astrée returns with her son and Dr. Nagel back to Sweden.


The filming of La Habanera began in the midst of the Spanish Civil War from August to 15th September 1937 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It followed from September 30 to November 13, 1937 the studio recordings in the Babelsberg film studios. The film had its premiere on December 18, 1937 in Berlin Film Theatre Gloria Palace.

As in Pastures new led in La Habanera Detlef Sierck Director. It was his last film in Germany before he went into exile in Hollywood with the name Douglas Sirk his career continued successfully. Zarah Leander, who already played for New Shores the lead role came with her role in La Habanera to build on the success of their first German feature film. The list includes the eponymous song La Habanera wore ( The wind told me about a song ) in, a most successful of Leander songs.

In the theatrical release in 1937 the film was classified with a youth ban. In 1949 he received the FSK rating of 16 years. Later the FSK raised the age limit. The film rights are with the Friedrich -Wilhelm -Murnau -Stiftung.