La Libertad Region

The region of La Libertad (Spanish: Región La Libertad, La Libertad suyu Quechua ) is a region in northwestern Peru. Covering an area of ​​25 515 km2 1,365,735 people ( 1996). Its capital is Trujillo.


In La Libertad is the mouth of the Moche River in the Pacific. There, the people of the Chimú founded around 1300 its capital Chan Chan ( mochica: sun - sun).

La Libertad is the only region that has all three zones of the country (coast, mountains and rainforest ). The region offers many sandy beaches, including Huanchaco and Pacasmayo and to the east is dominated by mountains.


The region is divided into twelve provinces and 83 districts:

Province ( capital )


Archaeological research indicates that La Libertad region has been inhabited since 1200 BC. They found remains of Cupisnique, Salinar, Viru, Moche, Sican, Chachapoyas and Chimú cultures.