La Llosa de Ranes

La Llosa de Ranes is a municipality of the Valencian Community, Spain with 3721 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).


Autovia del Mediterraneo To the west is 1.5 km and 2 km in the south of Xativa. On the Mediterranean coast to Cullera is 25 km to the northeast and to the southeast by Gandia 30 km away.


Llosa was in the Muslim period as a resort with mosque and baths. After the recapture of Distributed James I of Aragon the country, founded the town and named it after one of his feudal lords Lloesa. 1520 sold Juan Sanz de la Llosa the goods to various inhabitants of Xativa and Llosa. 1609 sales to the Arabs living here and had it by depopulated during the expulsion of the latter. It was re- colonize by Christians. 1646 there were 23 households with 100 people. In the late eighteenth century lived in 291 houses about 1,000 inhabitants. 1897, the population had grown to 2024.