La Vernaz

La Vernaz is a commune in the French department of Haute- Savoie department in the Rhône-Alpes region.


La Vernaz is located on 811 m above sea level. M., 11 km southeast of the town of Thonon -les- Bains ( straight line ). The mountain village is located in the central Chablais, on a ridge high above the Dranse de Morzine and the leading- from the west Brevon, in the northern Savoy Alps.

The area of ​​7.78 km ² municipal area includes a section of the Vallée d' Aulps. The eastern border is the Dranse de Morzine, which here extends approximately from north to south in a deep valley. In the Gorges du Pont du Diable, the valley is narrow gorge-like. Below La Vernaz the Dranse d' Abondance and Brevon lead also with deep erosion valleys. In the south, the municipality area extends to the dam of Lac du Jotty. From the river to the church floor extends westward across the steep and partially traversed by Felskreten slope ( Rochers de la Garde, Rochers du Jotty ) down to the limestone peaks of Grande Pointe des Journées ( 1725 m above sea level. M. ) and Mont Billiat, on the with 1894 m above sea level. M. the highest peak of La Vernaz is achieved.

At La Vernaz includes the hamlet settlements Trélachaud ( 755 m above sea level. M. ) on the hillside below the village and Le Jotty (700 m above sea level. M. ) in the Vallée d' Aulps, near the Lac de Jotty. Neighboring communities of La Vernaz are Féternes and Vinzier in the north, La Forclaz to the east, La Baume in the south and VAILLY and Reyvroz in the West.


The name La Vernaz is derived from the French word verne ( alder). Since 1740 La Vernaz is an independent municipality, previously it was part of Le Biot.


The village church dates from the 19th century. In the Valley of Dranse remains of a fortification from the 16th century are preserved. Another attraction is the natural bridge in the Gorges du Pont du Diable.


With 294 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) La Vernaz one of the smallest municipalities in the department of Haute- Savoie. Since 1990, a significant increase in population was recorded.

Economy and infrastructure

La Vernaz is a predominantly agricultural village today. The village is located off the major thoroughfares, but is from the main road that leads from Thonon -les- Bains to Morzine, relatively easily accessible. Another road connection with VAILLY in the Vallée du Brevon.

  • Commune in the department of Haute- Savoie
  • Place in Rhône -Alpes