Laagna, Tallinn

Laagna is a district (Estonian asum ) of the Estonian capital Tallinn. It is located in Lasnamäe district ( German " Laaksberg ").


The municipality has 24,440 inhabitants (as of 1 May 2010).

The cityscape is dominated by soulless prefab high-rise buildings in the Soviet style. The satellite town was built in the 1970s and 1980s, according to a pan- Soviet contest the urban planning of 1969. The aim of the architect to sowjetestnischen Mart Port, malls Meelak, Irina Raud and other was to create a modern living room for the massive settlement of Russian-speaking population from other parts of the Soviet Union.

A six-lane expressway ( Laagna tee ) between Lasnamäe and the city center of Tallinn, which is crossed by numerous bridges, divides the municipality in two parts. It has been six to seven feet deep blasted into the limestone. Soviet times was called the ten -kilometer urban motorway in October prospectus. The vernacular calls " The Channel". Actually the construction of a tram route was planned for the median strip, which was never realized. Public transport is organized by buses and trolley buses.