Laarne is a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish region. It is located in the province of East Flanders and belongs to Arrondissement of Dendermonde. The municipality has 12,290 inhabitants ( 1 January 2012) and an area of ​​32.07 km ². In addition to the main town still belongs to the district of limestones of the municipality.

Gent is located 9 kilometers west, 15 km southeast Aalst, Dendermonde 19 km east, 42 km south-east of Brussels and Antwerp, 44 km north-east.

The next highway exits are located in Heusden just a few miles west at the eastern Ghent motorway ring road, near Beer Velde in the north on the A14 / E 17 and Wetteren in the south on the A10 / E 40

In Wetteren and Melle are the next regional stations and in Gent hold across regional express trains.

Near the capital Brussels there is an international airport.


Laarne, Castle: kasteel van Laarne

Limestones, Church: de parochiekerk Sint Denijs