Lab stands for:

  • Lab, enzyme for cheese production
  • Lab (river), Kosovo
  • Lab color space
  • Laboratory (abbreviated ) laboratory as a work space or event, pronounced more like English lab ( oratory )
  • Láb, western municipality in Slovakia

LAB stands for:

  • LAB (band), a Finnish band

LAB is an abbreviation for:

  • Land survey authority, former ZAAB
  • Long Stay Active, Senior Citizens Initiative ( formerly retirement movement )
  • Langile Abertzaleen Batzordeak, Basque militant union
  • Linear alkylbenzene, a raw material for surfactants
  • Live from Berlin ( Rammstein album ), album by the German band Rammstein
  • Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano, Bolivian airline as an abbreviation
  • Lyman-alpha blob, class of astronomical objects
  • Lactic acid bacteria (of englspr. Lactic acid bacteria )

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