Labour Party (Malta)

The Malta Labour Party (MLP; maltese Partit Laburista, PL ), the Social Democratic Party of Malta.

The party was founded in 1921. In addition to the conservative Nationalist Party, the Malta Labour Party is the second major People's Party in Malta. Currently, the Malta Labour Party is the largest opposition party in Malta. In the 2003 parliamentary elections the party won 30 of the 65 seats in parliament. The 2008 general election, lost the MLP scarce. Then Dr. Joseph Muscat emerged from a primary election as the new party chairman.

At European level, the Party of European Socialist Party belongs to and represents 2004, three of five Maltese MEPs in the European Parliament since the European elections. In foreign policy, the MLP represents a course of foreign policy neutrality and the EU is skeptical about.

The MLP includes the television station TV One (formerly Super One Television ), the radio station Super One Radio and the weekly Sunday newspaper KullĦadd. The party also includes the online newspaper

In the parliamentary elections in 2013, the Malta Labour Party won the first time in 15 years, the majority in parliament. The Nationalist Party, however, reached only 43 percent.

Party chairman since 1949

Party leader ( and Prime Minister ) of the MLP were: