Labrador is part of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and is located on the Labrador Peninsula (also Ungava - Labrador ).

Labrador has an area of ​​294,330 km ² and is about the size of Italy. Its population is 27,860 (2001), of which about 30 % Aboriginal (Inuit, Innu and Métis ).

The name "Labrador " is one of the oldest names with a European origin in Canada, much older than the name " Newfoundland ". Probably a member of the team John Cabot has taken the word " llavrador " from the Azores. According to another explanation, the name goes back to the Portuguese navigator João Fernandes Lavrador.

Geography and climate

The majority of Labrador consists of tundra and Waldtundren. Around 25% of its area is occupied by lakes, streams and rivers. The climate is mostly arctic, subarctic part.


Until 1763 was part of the French colony of New France Labrador. Then it came to the Seven Years War to the British colony of Newfoundland and Anticosti 1774 and the Magdalen Islands to the British colony also Quebec ( now Ontario and Quebec ). Since 1760 the Moravian Church conducts missionary work among the Inuit natives and founded the villages of Hope Valley ( Hopedale), Makkovik, Nain and Hebron. 1791 Quebec was divided into the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, Labrador came to Lower Canada. 1809 came Labrador ( from Cape Chidley to the mouth of the river Romaine ) back to Newfoundland. The northern area of the St. Lawrence Gulf west of Blanc -Sablon in 1925 separated from Labrador at 52 degrees north and came back to Canada ( Newfoundland was at this time a separate colony ). Among other things, this led in 1927 to the Labrador border conflict. On October 23, 1943 by U 537 unmanned, German weather radio station Kurt today named in the Atti - naukjuke Bay, Martin Bay, built. This station was rediscovered by the Canadian Coast Guard in the summer of 1981. In 1949, Newfoundland in the Canadian state and was founded in 1867 in the province. The province changed in 2001 the name of Newfoundland in Newfoundland and Labrador.