Labrum (arthropod mouthpart)

The labrum (plural Labren or Labra ) is the upper lip of certain arthropods, particularly crustaceans and insects. It represents the front end of the mouthparts dar. It is usually formed as a plate and is unpaired beneath the face ( clypeus ), with which it can be grown in many insects ( Clypeolabrum ). Homology with limb does not exist.

The Latin word labrum " lip ", " edge " is related to Latin labium (see labium ) and with German lip.

Other meanings

  • The glenoid labrum is the cartilage lip on the shoulder blade
  • The labrum is the cartilage acetabular lip of the acetabulum, see Acetabulum

The Romans called a water basin or bath labrum, see the Greek equivalent Luterion. The word labrum in this case is due to contraction of lavabrum "bathtub " emerged ( wash from Latin lavare ).


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