Lac de Moiry

The Lac de Moiry is located in the Canton of Valais in the village of Grimentz.

You can reach the lake of Sierre forth through the Val d' Anniviers. Last major town before the reservoir is Grimentz.

Embedded is the lake between the Garde de Bordon ( 3310 m asl), the Corne de Sorebois ( 2896 m asl) and the Sasseneire ( 3254 m asl).

The accumulated water is used for power generation in power plants Gougra ( 588 GWh per year) and in the hydropower plants Mottec, Vissoie and Chippis ( Navizence ).

The national route no 6 Alpine Passes Trail SwitzerlandMobility leads over the dam.


The dam Moiry was completed in 1958. Planned it was by Alfred Stucky.