Lac des Toules

The Toules is an artificial lake in the Swiss canton of Valais in the municipality of Bourg -St- Pierre, which is mainly formed by the river Dranse d' Entremont. The associated dam Les Toules was completed in 1963. The water level reaches an average height above sea level. inst of 1810 m.

The reservoir is accessible from the Swiss side through Martigny through the Val d' Entremont and is located on the National Road 21, which leads to the Great St. Bernard Pass in the Aosta region. Last larger location below the dam is Bourg -St- Pierre. At high water, the reservoir extends to the vicinity of the track cutouts to the Great St. Bernard Tunnel. The National Highway 21 leads above the eastern shore along and there is protected by a gallery. On the Western side, a dirt road runs.

The dam extends from the south towards the north, where the dam is located. In addition to the upper reaches of the La Dranse him flow from the west of the creek Torrent Erbets from the Combe des Planards and from the Eastern side of the Torrent de Pieudet with water from the Mont Vélan to. The water surface of the reservoir has because of the steep slopes no branches in the side valleys.