Laconian Gulf

Map of Laconia ( breakdown of communities ) and the Laconic Gulf

The Laconian Gulf (Greek Λακωνικός Κόλπος, Lakonikos Kólpos ) located in the southeastern Ionian Sea south of the Peloponnese. In the Gulf in the south drained the Laconian level of Evrotas, one of the major rivers of the Peloponnese. The bay lies between the Mani peninsula in the west and the Laconian peninsula ( Χερσόνησο της Λακωνίας ) in the East, the Greek prefecture of Laconia ( Νομός Λακωνίας ) include that so completely encloses the Gulf. In general, the area around the Gulf is sparsely populated, larger places are Neapolis and Gythio. In the southwest, the Gulf Island Elafonisos lies further south the island of Kythira forms the border between the Ionian Sea and the Aegean.

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