Lactam#Tautomerization to Lactim

The Lactime (singular: the lactim ) are a group of substances in organic chemistry. You are in equilibrium with their tautomeric form, the lactams. Is cyclic nitrogen compounds containing the functional group -N = C -OH. The conversion of the tautomeric forms is carried into each other in an intermolecular mechanism. This results from lactams - cyclic compounds with the group- NH-CO- as a ring member - the corresponding Lactime and vice versa ( lactam - lactim tautomerism prototropy ), see, for example, γ - butyrolactam and γ - Butyrolactim:

Be preceded by the name of Lactimen Greek letters in the nomenclature analog lactams, which indicate how many carbon atoms in the ring next to the C -OH group is present ( γ = 3, δ = 4).