Lada Granta

Lada Granta

The Lada Granta is an imagined by the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ on 11 May 2011 sedan with front-wheel drive, which is located in production since November 2011. It is located in the low price sector. In the long term it will replace the "classical" models of AvtoVAZ. The production of Granta primarily takes place in the Kazakh work of Azia Avto OAG. Here occur annually up to 200,000 units. Another assembly of the model is carried out in the Russian Togliatti. Up to 10,000 vehicles of the model will be assembled here each year. Originally, the sale of the Lada Granta in Germany should start as early as 2012 at a price of 7500 €. The manufacturer AvtoVAZ moved the launch to the year 2013. Besides Germany, the Lada Granta will then also be available in France, in Serbia and in the Baltic countries.


The model is based on the 2005 concept car exhibited Lada Silhouette and should also occur as a combination, but this is not to be expected due to the Lada Largus. In AvtoVAZ was the internal name of the development project "Low Cost". There should be a vehicle to be created that is affordable for all. To find a suitable name, AvtoVAZ launched a competition in which everyone could submit a proposed name for the new vehicle. The competition ran under the slogan: "A car for the people needs a people's names." The winner of the competition was a resident of the city of Krasnoyarsk named Pavel Sakharov, who proposed the name Granta. This gave AvtoVAZ factory new Lada Kalina as victories premium.

Costs and Outlook

Igor Anatoljevich Komarov, president of AvtoVAZ, said in an interview with that a new Lada Granta would cost at its launch to 220,000 rubles ( the equivalent of about 5,460 EUR ). The price increase compared to " classical" models of AvtoVAZ (eg Lada Nova ) established Komarov so that Granta would offer more comfort, modernity and security. Also, it was announced that the car will be available for the end user at the end of 2011.

On 11 May 2011, the Lada Granta was presented at a meeting of the Association of Russian Automakers in Togliatti. On 16 May 2011 the test run of the production at AvtoVAZ began. The start of volume production has been dated to the autumn of 2011. Until then tests should be performed and any deficiencies and inconsistencies of the new model to be repaired.

From the 8th September 2011, the Lada Granta private clients could be pre-ordered. On 29 November 2011, the first car was produced for the market and 1 December 2011 was followed by the official launch. In the period January-April 2012 26.674 new vehicles were sold to end customers in Russia.

On July 19, 2012, the production of Granta began with automatic transmission. This will be available on the Russian market for 373 300 rubles, which is about 9,500 euros.

Overall, the Granta was with 121 151 copies sold the second- best-selling model in Russia in 2012.

Equipment variants

The Lada Granta is offered in three trim levels: Standard ( Стандарт ), Norma ( Норма ) and Lux ( Люкс ).

The upscale lux version offers additional extras such as ABS, air conditioning, remote control, built-in audio system, passenger airbag, heated door mirrors or headrests on the rear seats.