Ladce (Slovak to 1927 " Ladce "; Hungarian LEDEC ) is a city and a municipality in the Trenčín Region Okres Ilava in northwestern Slovakia. December 31, 2011 were recorded in the town of 2617 inhabitants.


The municipality is located in podolie Považské ( Považie area ) on the left-bank side of the Waag which is still behind a channel. Through the town of Bach Lúčkovský creek flows. Southeast of the church rises the mountain Strážovské hills. Ladce is six kilometers away from Ilava and 12 kilometers from Púchov.

The municipality includes the town of part Tunežice (1976 incorporated ) which is located southwest of the capital. More unofficial parts hot Horne Ladce, Podkalište and Podlavičky


In today's municipality several finds of the Lusatian culture are demonstrated. The place Ladce was mentioned in writing for the first time in 1469 as Ledecz while at the community part Tunežice this happened already in 1397. By the end of the 19th century the church was predominantly agricultural. 1889 a cement plant was opened, which was founded by the Viennese Großgutbesitzer Adolf Schenk. To date, this company operates. In the 1930s, was the first power plant at the Waag, which also is also the first major hydroelectric power plant in Slovakia, built.

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  • Ladce
  • Kraj municipality in Trenčín
  • Location in Slovakia