Ladies versus Butlers!

Ladies versus Butlers! (Japaneseれでぃ×ば と!, Redi x Bato! ) is a franchise of media, which is based on the eponymous Light Novel series by Tsukasa Kozuki. This is marketed since September 2006 in Japan by ASCII Media Works under the label Dengeki Bunko and has been adapted into various other media, including radio plays, manga and an anime television series are marketed under the same title.


In the center of the action the student Hino is Akiharu. Even as a primary school he lost his parents and was subsequently raised by his uncle. When he hears of it, that an elite school that was Hakureiryō Gakuin opened, he decides to undergo the entrance exam and succeed. So it is included in the property management branch of the school, in which students are trained to become maids and butlers, while the female "Elite" learned to behave like future house owners.

But on the first day it runs the very vain and quick to verärgernden Sernia Iori Flameheart on the road. In an attempt to ignore them and their kind, there would quickly be a dispute at the end of both fall and Sernia sees itself as a victim of a clumsy Overture. Then she hunts Hino across the school and he comes unintentionally along with many other girls who also feel harassed by him. Ultimately, he meets Tomomi Saikyo, which should take him on his visit to reception. It protects him from his pursuers. At the same time, however, Hino has to realize that it is the Suzuhashi Tomomi from his elementary school, he has as consistently bad girl remembered and it (apparently) and still is. The girl's last name changed because her mother has married another man.

In the course of an already ongoing for ages "battle" between Sernia and Tomomi is shown, in which two of each agent is almost right. In particular device Sernia always uncomfortable in embarrassing situations, which usually ends to the chagrin of Hino. So Hino gradually learns to know by more and more girls out of school and he succeeds his bad reputation he had captured on the first day, little by store.

Formation and Publications

The light novel series Ladies versus Butlers! written by Tsukasa Kozuki and used illustrations by Munyu. The written for a male audience book series is published by ASCII Media Works under the label Dengeki Bunko since 10 September 2006. So far (as of 6 January 2009) published by the still ongoing series in Japan nine issues. The expenditure has a volume of approximately 250 pages each.

  • Vol 1: ISBN 4-8402-3559-7, 10 September 2006
  • Vol 2: ISBN 978-4-8402-3687-4 10 January, 2007
  • Volume 3: ISBN 978-4-8402-3841-0 10 May, 2007
  • Vol 4: 978-4-8402-3941-7 ISBN 10 August, 2007
  • Vol 5: 978-4-8402-4121-2 ISBN 10 December, 2007
  • Vol 6: ISBN 978-4-04-867017-3 10 April, 2008
  • Vol 7: ISBN 978-4-04-867216-0 10 September, 2008
  • Vol 8: ISBN 978-4-04-867765-3 10 April, 2009
  • Vol 9: ISBN 978-4-04-868011-0 10 September, 2009
  • Vol 10: 978-4-04-868274-9 ISBN 10 January, 2010



Based on the plot of the book series is characterized Nekoyashiki - Nekomaru a manga book published since June 2008, inside the magazine Dengeki Moeoh. A first tankōbon edition was published on 18 December 2009. Like the book series will be published as tankōbon by ASCII Media Works both the magazine and publication.

  • Vol 1: ISBN 978-4-04-868296-1 18 December, 2009


A about an hour long play was published on 8 September 2009. Like the Internet radio broadcast radio play mainly served to advertise for the anime television series in advance. Thus, these contained the actual radio play various extras which describes the characters of the series. On the CD itself three stories were included, of which the first and third of the book series were taken. The speaker of the radio play are identical to those of the anime television series.

Internet radio show

An also the anime and other media advertized Internet radio show in May to Mariya radio versus Butlers! (麻衣 と 茉莉 也 の らじ×ば と! May to Mariya no Raji x Bato! ) Began on 28 September 2009, and is operated by the official website of the anime. As the title suggests, the show from May Goto and Mariya Ise is moderated, the roles of Pina Sufolmuclan Estoh and Kaede Tenjōji took over in the anime. The theme music of the show is the title Arashi o Yobu Party Nau (嵐 を 呼ぶ パーティ なう? ), Which was also sung by the two seiyū.


An implementation as a anime television series was produced by Studio Xebec and directed by Atsushi Otsuki. The series is broadcast on the Japanese station AT- X since 5 January 2010. Already on 29 December 2009 showed AT- X is a special on the series.