Ladle (spoon)

A ladle, also called ladle or ladle heard, especially for sideboard silverware and is mainly used for filling soup or other hot or cold liquids. She also serves in the kitchen as a general kitchen appliance for boarding, and filling of hot, warm or cold liquids of any kind and partly also for metering. Indispensable it is for example in the preparation of risotto to constantly add add boiling hot liquid during the cooking of the rice dish.

Commercially it is available in various forms and materials. Basically, it consists of a semicircular scoop part and a long handle, being often designed so that the contents of a trowel results in a serving. It consists mostly of metal or stainless steel. But there are also models made ​​of plastic, which are often used as a camping utensils. Part of it is also equipped with a handle, what it is used except metal partly plastic or wood.

In northern Germany the word " grinding " or " soup grinding " for the ladle is in use.

A skimmer (also Kloßkelle ) is shaped like a regular ladle; but has holes that allow a drainage of the water, for example, when skimming or when removing the dumplings.