Lady Be Good (1941 film)

Lady Be Good is a film musical from the year 1941. He received his name from the musical by George Gershwin, from which the title song Oh, Lady Be Good originates. Except for the title and the title song of the film, however, has little in common with the musical.


The young composer Eddie Crane writes with his wife Dixie Donegan successful songs. However, it does not quite round in their marriage. After Dixie divorces, they soon realize that they can not get along without each other. She married again and write another successful song. When Eddie, however, goes to South Africa, ostensibly to gather inspiration for a symphony to Dixie wants to get divorced again. This time, however, denied her the divorce lawyer getting a divorce. After Eddie comes back they realize despite everything that they still love.

Movie review

" The all-new action proves to be extremely trivial, interesting are the musical interludes. The undisputed highlight is danced by Eleanor Powell, Fascinating Rhythm ', was responsible for the staging of Busby Berkeley. The song, The Last Time I Saw Paris ' was awarded the Oscar, which caused some controversy, since he was not composed directly for the film and had been previously published. "