Lady Bug (video game)

The maze game Lady Bug (AE for ladybug ) in 1981 brought by the company " Universal" in the arcade consoles from pubs and amusement arcades. Lady Bug was one of the more successful maze games, which tried to build on the success of one of Pac. Unlike other imitations of the original game concept was modified significantly by the introduction of a variable maze at Lady Bug, which enables players demanded different tactical and gameplay.

Aim of the game

As with Pac Man it comes to the Labyrinth distributed points ( at Lady Bug represented as flowers) and pick up the maze completely empty, to get to the next level.


Disabled is the character in their task of four hostile insects that escape gradually from their nest in the center of the labyrinth. The speed and the " hunting instinct " of followers increase over the course of the game.

Bonus points

In the labyrinth six bonus flowers with letters and hearts are distributed in addition to the simple flowers. This change in specific time intervals their color and provide the opportunity to get extra points (100, 300 or 800). In addition, you get an extra life or an extra game if it is possible to assemble with the letters, the words " EXTRA" or " SPECIAL". Additional bonus points ( 1000-9500 ) brings a vegetable that appears in the center of the maze when the last insect has left its nest. Its consumption also causes the insect to remain for some time as if frozen in their positions.

Revolving doors

Another important difference from Pac -Man is the variability of the labyrinth with the help of revolving doors. The Lady Bug can pass through the revolving doors while they adjust to 90 degrees. This course will be closed for the pursuing insects, as they can not move the doors.


The game was broadcast soon after its appearance on various home game consoles, of which the most successful on the ColecoVision (1982 ) was. Since a free game would be impractical, instead extra - Level has been introduced, in which one could significantly increase his score with bonus vegetables that emerged at different distances in the maze. More ports:

  • Mattel Intellivision (1983 )
  • Atari 2600
  • Tandy Color Computer (1982 ) as Doodle Bug
  • BBC B (as Bumble- Bee)
  • Lady Bug on the Sharp MZ- 80K (1982 )