LaFayette Motors

It was founded in 1919 and was named after the Marquis de la Fayette. The cars of the company had a plaque of the Marquis as a logo.

LaFayette was originally in Mars Hill, Indianapolis, Indiana, resident and established luxury automobiles. The first model came out in 1920. LaFayette cars had many modern amenities available, for example, the first electric clock in an automobile. In 1921, Charles W. Nash of the chief of LaFayette. Nash was already the founder and CEO of Nash Motors, but both brands remained for a time worked separately, although Nash was the main shareholder of LaFayette Motors. In the 1920s there were rumors that Pierce -Arrow wanted to merge with LaFayette Motors, Rolls- Royce or General Motors, but this not confirmed.

In 1924, Nash Motors hundred percent owner of LaFayette LaFayette Motors and the name was soon abandoned it. The factories were supplied to a profitable purpose: there the Ajax automobiles were produced.

From 1934 to 1940, the name LaFayette for the smallest range of car models from Nash 's own production in use, see Nash LaFayette.