Lafia is the capital of the Nigerian state of Nassarawa and is located in central Nigeria. According to an estimate from 2007, it has 134 185 inhabitants.

Lafia, formerly called Lafia - Bere - Bere, in the 19th century was the center of a city-state, was among the Hausa States. It was visited in 1882 by German explorer Robert Flegel and then had about 15,000 inhabitants. Under Mohamman Agwe, who reigned from 1881 to 1903, the market of Lafia has become one of the most important south-west lying in Benuetal with a trade route for 90 km place Loko. Today, Lafia is connected by a narrow gauge railway to Port Harcourt. The city has a football club, Nasarawa United in the first Bundesliga.

Lafia and its surroundings are one of the 13 Local Government Areas ( LGA) of the state of Nassarawa with an area of ​​2756.44 km ². In the previous 1991 census, the LGA had 240 656 inhabitants and thus a population density of 87 inhabitants per km ². In the city itself 79,387 residents were counted.


8.58.5166666666667Koordinaten: 8 ° 30 ' N, 8 ° 31 ' E

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