The Lafuma Group is a French manufacturer of sports clothing and equipment as well as garden furniture. For Lafuma Group brands Lafuma ( outdoor and garden furniture), Millet ( mountain sports clothing and equipment ), Oxbow ( surfboards and snowboards ), Eider (mountain sportswear) and Killy include ( ski wear ). 2013 announced the already participated in Lafuma Swiss lingerie company Calida, to take over Lafuma. Felix Sulzberger is in the operational management of both companies.


The Lafuma company was founded in 1930 by brothers Victor, Alfred and Gabriel Lafuma. First, backpacks were produced. In the 1950s, also the production of garden furniture and from 1985 those of sleeping bags and tents was taken. A year later a part of the production was relocated from France to Tunisia. 1991 rose Lafuma into the sportswear market. In 1992, a further shift of part of the production, this time to Hungary. 1995 Millet was acquired, further acquisitions followed. Since 1997, Lafuma is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

By 2011, the operational management was in the hands Joffards Philippe, who is a grandson of one of the founding members. Beginning of 2012 took over Felix Sulzberger the line, which was already sitting member since 2004 and since 2001 has been chief executive at the Swiss underwear manufacturer Calida. This is since the beginning of 2013, with around 15% of the largest shareholder Lafumas and has announced the end of 2013, to take over Lafuma.

Lafuma today

The Lafuma Group 2012 could report sales of about 225 million euros. More than half of the turnover is now generated with clothes. The Lafuma brand contributes about 45% most of the total revenue of the group, followed by Oxbow, Millet and Chameau. Exact figures are not published for Killy. The most important market Lafumas with approximately 60% of sales in France.

The production takes place in China, France, Hungary, Tunisia and Morocco.

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