Lago di Luzzone

The Lago di Luzzone is a reservoir in the canton of Ticino.

The lake is located at the upper end of the Blenio on the territory of the municipality Blenio. The dam is accessible via a serpentine road with many in the area of the village Ghirone. Are operated reservoir and the associated power plants of the Blenio power stations AG, based in Locarno.

The water of the reservoir is first processed in the Central Olivone, then feeding it into the reservoir Malvaglia to be used for repeated power generation in power plants Biasca.


The arch dam was completed in 1963 Luzzone; 1997-1998, it was increased to 17 meters. The mural crown is newly on 1'609 meters above sea level. M.. Deepest lowering of the lake level to 1,435 m above sea level. It was planned M.. , The wall of Alfred Stucky. Against the wall is a covered landfill.


At the dam with 165 meters ( five pitches ) and over 650 climbing holds and hook longest artificial climbing route in the world was installed in 1999. The difficulty is for the last, slightly overhanging part of the route with 6 / 7 - given. The use of the wall is possible only upon payment of a fee and a deposit. It was built by a German manufacturer.