Lago di Poschiavo

Nature Reservoir

The Lago di Poschiavo (German Poschiavo Lake ) is a lake in the valley Südbündner Poschiavo. Directly on the lake are the small towns of Le Prese and Miralago; the centers of the municipalities Poschiavo and Brusio are 5 and 3 km away.

You can reach the lake from the north via the Bernina Pass or the Forcola di Livigno, from the south via Tirano (Italy). The Bernina Railway leads to 2 km in length on the western shore. At the foot of the lake can be circumnavigated in two hours on a flat trail.

The lake was dammed by a prehistoric landslide. An artificial dam there is not only a water catchment at the southern end, to regulate the drain. The majority of the water flows in the gallery to Monte Scala (937 m above sea level. M. ) and from there to the power plant Campocologno, the residual water takes the natural route by the river Poschiavino. The total water capacity is about 120 million cubic meters, of which 15 million cubic meters are used to generate electricity.