Lahae is an East Timorese place Aldeia and Suco in the subdistrict Aileu (District Aileu ).

The place

The place Lahae is in the northwest of the Sucos, at an altitude of 1178 m.

The Suco

In Lahae 1,061 inhabitants (2010, 2004: 512). Almost 72 % of the population give Mambai as their native language. More than 27 % speak Tetum Prasa. The Suco located in the southeast of the subdistrict Aileu and has an area of ​​13.64 km ². Southwest is the Suco Fatubossa, north of the Suco Bandudato and east of the Suco Lausi. In the south Lahae borders the district to Ainaro belonging subdistrict Maubisse with his Suco Maubisse. Through the North of Lahae flows Daisoli, a tributary of the Northern Laclos.

Across the Suco Lahae leads the overland road from Aileu after Maubisse. At her lie in the northwest of the place Lahae Lahae and a little east of the village Denhuni ( Denehuni, Denehuru ) and east of the site Lacasori ( Lakasori ). To the south is the village Eralolo ( Erelolo, Erebolo ).

In Suco are the five aldeias Denhuni, Eralolo, Lacasori, Lahae and Riatelo.


In the elections of 2004/2005 Vasco Rosario de Fatima was elected Chefe de Suco and re-elected in 2009.